Commodities Markets are Heavily Manipulated by Commodity Trading Companies

Commodities trading is dominated by a dozen or so large commodity trading companies. In addition to trading commodities, they also product/store/transport these commodities. The top 10 commodity trading companies have more than $1.2 trillion in revenue each year, with profits in excess of $100 billion! The shocking thing is that unlike banks, commodity trading companies […]


Invest In Penny Stock

Differences between Small Cap Stocks and Penny Stocks SEC says that the penny stocks are a security that has a low price and it is speculative. It is traded in OTCBB and Pink Sheets. It is not very important if you trade the stock in major exchange because what defines a penny stock is the […]

Trade Stocks

Learn to Trade Stocks

Congratulations on coming across this article, if you’re reading this you’ve probably considered or even decided to learn to trade.  Deciding to learn to trade can be quite overwhelming when starting out, there’s a vast amount of information out there and it can very well lead to information overload.  In this section of Learn to […]