​Core Values & Principles

To place trust before profit and operate with the highest levels of integrity. To place transparency in the center of our relationships and investment process. To work only with investors who share our mission.

​​Events in the past ten years have done much to destroy trust between Main Street and Wall Street. Without trust, no relationship can flourish. During this same period, measuring trustworthy business practices and financial reporting have been the focus of our proprietary FACTS® methodology, a holistic and unbiased approach to identifying and investing in “America’s Most Trustworthy Companies.” 

Using advances in technology, our goal is to make investing simple, comfortable, transparent, and profitable, perhaps rebuilding the relationship between Main Street and Wall Street along the way. 

Welcome to FACTS® Asset Management, LLC where we say what we mean, do what we say, and provide strong investment returns. We offer transparent and professionally managed accounts, while attempting to provide exceptional risk-adjusted returns that outperform low cost index funds. 

Our team looks forward to earning your trust.